Frequently asked questions

How much will the demolition cost?

We try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the cost of our services. For every job, we start things out by sending an associate to meet the client at the building or worksite in question. We want to have a chance to see the structures you wish to demolish before we move forward on the project. This on-site assessment includes a quoting process, where we give you a ballpark estimate for how much the project will cost. The evaluation and the quote are both 100 per cent free and come with no strings or obligations attached. If you decide that our quote falls beyond your budget, you are not required to proceed with us.

Is my partial demolition plan possible?

Perhaps your commercial building is attached to a neighbouring property you don’t own, or maybe you merely want to rebuild a part of your home while keeping the rest intact. Partial demolitions are inherently more complicated than standard, full-building/all site demolitions, which will require some extra assessment and consideration on our part. Regardless, if you’re thinking about hiring someone for partial demolition in Melbourne, your best bet to determine the feasibility of that plan is to call us for an assessment and project quote.

Are there any materials in my building that might pose a challenge for demolition?

specially on heritage site demolitions (and other demolitions of older properties), the likelihood of there being asbestos on the premises is higher. Part of our assessment process is to determine what materials are present in your building so that we know if we can move forward with demolition. Even if asbestos or other problematic materials are present, though, know that there are skilled professionals qualified in the removal of those materials. It’s just good to know about these issues upfront, as they can add cost, time and complexity to the project.

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